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Providing quality airline ground support
services for more than 40 years

Ground Handling

Ground Handling

Ready to Meet and Exceed Your Expectations

At GAT, we develop highly trained professionals who safely and effectively provide turn-around and overnight services for our airline partners. Our performance results are unsurpassed in the industry. We understand the importance of safe, on-time departures which is why we exceed our partners' expectations, always.

GAT Ground Handling Services Include:

  • Above and Below Wing Customer Experience Management (Check Out GAT's Ramp Vision™!)
  • Proprietary 100% observation and scoring of all activities around an aircraft via ramp positioned cameras
  • 3rd party auditors score a 65-point observation checklist for each flight in web portal with daily review by local leadership, complete with live picture captures of failure points.
  • Interline Baggage Handling
  • Aircraft Towing
  • Aircraft Deicing
  • GSE Maintenance Services
  • Lav and Water Services
  • Screening and Security Services

Airport and Airline Customer Experience Services Include:

  • Counter, Gate, and Club Excellence
  • Document Verification
  • Baggage Service Office Management
  • Passengers with Reduced Mobility Engagement
  • Charter Handling, Security, and Customer Experience
Passenger Experience

Passenger Experience

Helping You Gain the Loyalty of Your Customers

At GAT, we have a team of customer experience experts who understand the importance of driving net promoters at every touch point. In each phase of interaction, we leverage data, training, real world experiences, and customer feedback to provide eye-popping experiences to keep your customers coming back for more.

Cargo Handling

Cargo Handling

Safe, Reliable, Timely Cargo and Logistics Is Our Passion

At GAT, we pride ourselves on earning a reputation of being among the best Cargo Facility, Cargo Handling and Mail Handling operators in the nation. Let us help you improve your Cargo customer experience, operational stats, and revenue collection.

GAT Cargo Handling Services Include:

  • Warehouse and Line-Haul Management
  • Cargo Carrier Handling and Sort Management
  • Shipper Experience Design and Process Management
  • USPS Sort and Line Haul Management
  • Cargo Screening
    (Check Out GAT's Cargo Vision™!)
  • Live observation of Cargo Screening in all locations
  • Central monitoring in our HDQ
  • Full stop on any irregularities
  • Adds second tier oversight to add layers to the "Swiss Cheese" model of security
Passenger Experience

Sky Café

GAT performs catering services through our specialist team at Sky Café.

Sky Café employs a new model of airline catering that results in greater adaptability, a faster turnaround and reduced prices – all without compromising on quality. Sky Café's menu is sourced from local kitchens and restaurants whose chefs are familiar with the surrounding markets and culinary trends, allowing us to offer a superior product while keeping costs low.