Landing to lift off… we've got you covered

We are committed to safety every step of the way.


Our Commitment

GAT Airline Ground Support is committed, at each station, to take every reasonable measure in our on-going efforts to prevent personal injury to any employee or the public. We will also strive to prevent property damage to equipment or facilities, whether it's ours or our customer's property.

Safety Program

Safety Program

Attainment of this goal is accomplished by the ongoing development and implementation of a comprehensive safety and loss control program. The GAT Airline Ground Support safety program serves as the guide through which the company, and its employees, will work to eliminate accidents, comply with appropriate regulatory laws and agencies, and reduce the costs associated with insurance and risk management.

Employee Safety

Employee Safety

As an employer, GAT Airline Ground Support believes in, supports and enforces safe operating practices by every employee and management group. Only the highest level of commitment to our safety programs and overall loss control efforts will be accepted.

"Our Safety Culture is to embrace a safety mindset that is aligned with zero tolerance regarding unsafe practices and at-risk behaviors. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and reliability. We earn the trust of our employees and our customers by doing things the right way and delivering on our commitments every day."

Tuggy Eiermann,
Senior Vice President